Info-Rotorua has been broadcasting to Rotorua's specific visitor market since 1991.

Info-Rotorua's digital television coverage includes broadcasting into all Rotorua homes, motels and hotels 24 hours per day.

Our visitor Information TV programme gives our advertisers up to 72 airings of their commercial per day, to a potential viewing audience of 65,000 plus 8,000 tourist viewers per day (when all accomodation is full).

Info-Rotorua is continuing to bring a new dynamic to tourism promotion, in and around Rotorua, with the express intention of serving our clients,



Novotel Lakeside
Lake End Tutanekai Street
Ph: +64 07 346 3888
Fax: +64 07 347 1888

To Whom It May Concern,

As Senior Porter at Accor’s Novotel Lakeside, Rotorua I have had over the past 4 years the opportunity to utilise the iTV Live [Geyser TV] local maps in conjunction with the iTV Live [Geyser TV] channel. These tools have been invaluable in my day to day role whilst liaising with hotel guests.

The maps are clear, easily explainable and accurate. The overall set up between the TV channel available in guest rooms and the map which is available for them throughout the hotel receives very positive feedback.

Staff find it easy to offer explanation to guests on local attractions and this ensures we can offer a great service. Guests find it very easy to use the numbered maps themselves and is comforting to them to know where they are at all times.

In all, the iTV Live [Geyser TV] Visitors Map is a great resource and addition to any establishment in Rotorua and I will continue recommending the map to all our guests.

Kind Regards
Bruce Shepherd
Head Porter
Concierge Department