iTV Live

iTV Live

UHF Television Tune-in

iTV Live has been broadcasting to Rotorua's tourist market since 1991. We broadcast on UHF TV Channel 29 and are available through all of Rotorua's major hotels and motels as well as to the general public in the area.

Tune-in Details

The iTV Live transmission mast is next to the Kordia site [opposite the Rotorua airport on Pukepotu hill] so viewers with a line-of-sight to the main aerial site will be able to tune in.

As a rule of thumb: if you can pick up Sky UHF or  PrimeTV you can see iTV Live.

To tune your television set in follow the manufacturer's instructions, using one of the empty channels on your TV.


iTV Live showcases the Rotorua District to the tourist market, highlighting great Rotorua attractions and events

Within each 20 minute loop is highlighted attractions - 'What's on Guide' along with daily 'International News' highlights.

  • News Highlights -  One every 20 min
  • Weather - 3 day forecast in constant display
  • What’s on Guide - Using constant scrolling text
  • Photo Gallery - 30 second generic segment edited to music displayed by category
  • Confession CAM - Brought by Experience Rotorua