Rotorua SPCA Op Shop

Speaking up for those who cannot speak for themselves
Educating our community about animal rights and their well-being and protecting animals at risk

The Op Shop at 50 Fairy Springs Road is run by Rotorua SPCA volunteers with all profits going to help more than 3500 Rotorua animals that come through the doors each year.
The shop will sell all kinds of good quality second hand goods from the house or farm. If you are having clean up this spring, drop your goods off at Fairy Springs Road or if you have a spare couple of hours a week, volunteer and help the animals in Rotorua have a better future.
If you are from overseas, are going home soon and find you have too much luggage, drop your excess stuff off at the shop. If you have New Zealand coins that you no longer need drop them off as well.
The success of the SPCA Op Shops nationwide, has helped changed the outcome for many of New Zealand’s unwanted animals.
All profit from this Rotorua shop will be used to extend the highly successful “Rotorua Community Desexing Scheme”.  This scheme enables Rotorua residents, with a community services card or a WINZ quote, who normally could not afford to get their cat de-sexed to obtain this surgery for $30, less than 30% of the actual cost of surgery.  

Cash Donations are also greatfully received!

One year ago Pippa was found as a three week old puppy in an Owhata gutter, her plight is a common one for animals in Rotorua. Last year more than 3500 animals were left at the Rotorua SPCA, left like unwanted rubbish while people went on with their lives, oblivious to what happened to their once loved pets or the results of their unprotected sexual encounter.
For many like, Pippa, there is a happy ending, finding a loving family with many long walks and tasty treats; but for a huge number, there is no one who wants to welcome them into their lives and there is not a happy ending.

Opening Hours:

Monday to Saturday (except Christmas Day)

 10.00 am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday
 9.00am to 1.00pm Saturday

50 Fairy Springs Road, Rotorua
+64 07 347 2518 or 027 4501040

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Location Map


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