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We use the iTV Live [Geyser TV] Visitor Maps all the time, directing our guests to the local attractions. This plus having our in room Televisions set at the iTV Live [Geyser TV] Channel when they switch on their TV, has very often helped to keep guests staying longer in Rotorua, when they can see and realise just how many attractions and beautiful sights to visit.
Bill & Sheryll O’Dwyer
Geneva Motor Lodge

Lance and Yvonne of the Golden Glow Motel Rotorua are very pleased with the iTV Live [Geyser TV] Maps and claim they couldn’t do without them. The maps are an easy guide for visitors to Rotorua and a very useful marketing tool for moteliers. After viewing iTV Live [Geyser TV] and realising how many attractions there are in Rotorua guests often extended their stay.
Lance Elliott

John Whittington the host at Comfort Inn Ledwich, only gives his guests iTV Live [Geyser TV] Maps when the book in. John escorts his guests to their room with the map turns on the television of which iTV Live [Geyser TV] is the default channel and shows his guests how the map works in conjunction with iTV Live [Geyser TV]. John also finds that if a guest is only going to stay for one night he shows them with iTV Live [Geyser TV] what they would be missing and this may contribute to the guest staying another night at the Comfort Inn Ledwich. All guest arrivals at Comfort Inn Ledwich are given a iTV Live [Geyser TV] map and escorted to their room where the television is turned on and the features of iTV Live [Geyser TV] such as the location of advertisers businesses are demonstrated.
If guests have arrived for only one night we at Comfort Inn Ledwich founf that more than any other tool available to us that the iTV Live [Geyser TV] Channel is the most likely one to help us sell another night or two! Give it a go!

We have iTV Live [Geyser TV] programmed into our Unit and Restaurant TV’s and the guests have found the channel very helpful in letting them know what is on offer.
There are so many things to do in Rotorua that they can get overwhelmed, and to be able to give them a visual of the attraction is priceless. This is also great for the non English speaking tourist. The TV program works in well with the maps and guests enjoying using them both.
Wylie Court